Rachael Treiber, MA, LMHC
Child, Adolescent and Adult Counseling
15600 Redmond Way Suite #201
Redmond, WA 98052
Email:  rachael@rachaeltreiber.com


Couples can experience times of disconnect and poor communication.  These are often signs of greater issues within the relationship.  Identifying and addressing concerns together can lead to reconnection and increased satisfaction within a partnership.


I work with couples struggling with a range of issues, including physical and emotional intimacy, infidelity, coping with stress, co-parenting, life cycle transitions, infertility and balancing responsibilities.  All types of partnerships are respected and honored.

When working with couples I strive to hear from each partner equally and avoid taking sides.  I provide a safe and open forum for couples to address challenges candidly.  Interventions are offered to allow new ways of thinking and opportunity for change.